Getting Started

Convert Existing Theme’s Pagination

The quickest solution to implement responsive pagination to your existing paginations. You only need to know the selector of your pagination’s element you want to convert. We’re using CSS/jQuery selector to be clear.

Four Simple Steps

  1. From WordPress admin, go to Settings > Responsive Pagination
  2. Open “Convert Paginations” tab.
  3. Fill the element selector you want to convert.
  4. Click “Save Settings”.

It’s done! Go to your home page or your archive pages and reload it. If your selector is matched to an element in your page, it should be converted into responsive pagination.

Additional Note

The element to be converted should be within main loop, otherwise there is a chance it would not work properly. If this happen to you, you’d need to create pagination programmatically using our API, see API Guide section.


The Styling is Not Applied Correctly

Majority of the case is that the theme CSS interfere the pagination styling. To fix this, you can add additional class for the particular component and fix the style manually using CSS.

My Pagination is Not Converted

The inputted selectors don’t match any element in the page, please check again and don’t forget to reload the page.

It Also Converts Other Elements

Yes, it converts any element that match the selectors inputted. Try to give more specific selector pointed only to your existing pagination.

The Converted Pagination Not Linking to Correct Page

The first guess of this case would be that element is placed outside of main loop. To resolve this, you’d need to create pagination programmatically using Responsive Pagination API, see API Guide section.